About me

Hi! I’m Filipi Nascimento Silva, Ph.D. in computational physics, currently working as a research scientist at the Indiana University Network Science Institute.


My interests include developing and implementing new techniques for analyzing, modeling, and understanding real-world systems through complex networks, machine learning, and data visualization. In particular, my current focus is on the development of a new network visualization software named Helios and on Science of Science research.


The approaches I proposed have been applied to a wide range of scientific areas, including bioinformatics, text analysis, science of science, information science, and urban networks, leading to many publications and softwares. I also have experience giving talks about network science and visualization in workshops and undergraduate classes.

Current Projects

  • Helios: A network visualization toolset for Python and for the web.
  • Climate networks: Studying teleconnections between temperature and preciptation around the globe.
  • Science genome: Studying the evolution of scientific fields.
  • Network apps for brainlife: Designing and implementing network neuroscience apps for brainlife.io.